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6 October 2017
A few items for sale on Discogs. 
27 August 2017
Further Woodland / Claviature 
The release dates of the new edition of “Further Woodland” (LP), and the new E.P. “Claviature” have both been put back until the autumn - late October being the current best estimate. Both releases will now each be in a combined set of CD and lathe-cut 10” clear vinyl, with letterpress artwork. More information on release dates and contents to follow. 

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14 August 2017
Interview with Paul Simpson 
An interview with Paul Simpson (Teardrop Explodes, Wild Swans, Care, Skyray, etc...) and a bit of news.

Please click here.

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31 July 2017
Wingdisk BGM live at El Nague, Osaka - 28th September 
Ian Masters + Mark Tranmer = Wingdisk will do a "background music" (BGM) live performance at El Nague Spanish Restaurant, Osaka on Thursday 28th September. More details to follow. More information on Wingdisk:

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24 July 2017
Name your price on these album digital downloads. 
Name your price for the following albums as digital downloads:

Mark Tranmer * Scoop of Ice-Cream Moon
Mark Tranmer & Alessandra Celletti * The Red Pages
Mark Tranmer * How Scarlet The Leaves
Mark Tranmer * Further Woodland
GNAC * The Unread Pages
Wingdisk * Time is Running Out

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29 May 2017
Paris 1990, when I was in the Band. 
28 May 2016
gogol for lo-fi attic piano 
gogol for lo-fi attic piano.

or click here to watch. 

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Further Woodland
How Scarlet The Leaves
The Red Pages
Scoop of Ice Cream Moon