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15 December 2018
A bit of piano, live in Osaka 
A bit of impromptu piano, live at el Nague Restaurant, Osaka, at the end of the night after most of the diners had gone home.

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19 October 2018
Project with James Hackett.  

James Hackett and I are making good progress with our collaborative project in the studio in Glasgow. A record will appear in 2019.

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4 October 2018
Split 7" single available now at 
11 August 2018
Discography: The Montgolfier Brothers 
Discography: The Montgolfier Brothers

Music (compilations not included):

Seventeen Stars (Album, 1999, Vespertine [Black CD / Brown CD reissue])

Seventeen Stars (Album RE, 2000, Poptones [CD/LP])

Seventeen Stars (Album RE, 2000, Epic Records International, Japan [CD w/lyric sheet])

Seventeen Stars (Album RE, 2000, Epic Records International, Japan [Cassette Promo - as shown below])

Seventeen Stars (Album RE, 2001, Trama, Brazil [CD])

The World Is Flat (Album, 2002, Poptones [CD])

The World Is Flat (Album, 2002, Epic Records International, Japan [CD + 2 tracks])

Pro-Celebrity Standing Around / Between Two Points [edit] (Single, 2001, Poptones, mc5001s [numbered 7"])

Journey's End (Single, 2005, Vespertine & Son, four [CD enh.])

All My Bad Thoughts (Album, 2005, Vespertine & Son, five [CD])


Coasters, Japan, (2001 Epic International, [As shown below]).

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10 August 2018
James Hackett / Mark Tranmer 
James Hackett (The Orchids) and I are working on songs for a new project, and we have just completed our first 3-day recording session at a studio in Glasgow. More details to follow.

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25 July 2018
Split Single Available from Norman Records 
19 July 2018
Signed split singles 
Ian and I will be signing copies of the split single in Scotland this weekend. Orders will be posted on or just after 21st July.

To order, please click here. 

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